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jQuery Example: Related, hidden selects

02-08-2013 4,967 views jQuery, JavaScript 8 Comments

This request came in from a reader and I thought I'd share it. I'm not sure how re-usable it is for others, nor will I promise that it is The Best jQuery Code ever. (Far from it.) But on the off chance the example helps others, I wanted to post it.

A walkthrough of some basic jQuery help

01-28-2013 4,248 views jQuery, JavaScript 3 Comments

Over the past few days I've exchanged emails with David. He had a simple jQuery-based application and he ran into some issues with it. His problems were, I thought, fairly common and I thought it might make sense for me to share what he did and what I suggested. We went through a couple of iterations of this so you can see how the project evolved over time. One thing I want to point out. David writes his code differently than I do (as I expect everyone does!). When he asked for help, I tried to make my help/suggestions as minimally invasive as possible. I was tempted to just delete all his code and do it "my way", but I thought working within his 'style' would be less jarring. Ok, with that out of the way, let's look at his code.

Testing Globalization Support in PhoneGap 2.2

11-15-2012 8,789 views Mobile, jQuery, JavaScript 6 Comments

One of the more interesting new features in PhoneGap 2.2 iss the inclusion of a globalization plugin into the core of the SDK itself. This plugin has many features, but basically boils down to the ability to get the user's locale and language as well as being able to format numbers and dates. You can read the full API docs for a complete guide, but I thought it would be interesting to build a simple proof of concept application that tested out this feature.

Data-driven Edge Animate projects

11-07-2012 13,324 views jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 48 Comments

This week I demonstrated Edge Animate to two cities in Texas as part of the Create the Web tour. Animations are not something I typically spend a lot of time thinking about, but I was grateful for an opportunity to show off what I think is a pretty cool program. At my first presentation, an attendee asked if Edge Animate supported data-driven animations. Hear is what I told him, and a look at a simple proof of concept.

Stop using jQuery!! (all the time...)

10-23-2012 12,203 views jQuery, JavaScript 46 Comments

I apologize for the link bait. I feel bad doing it. But - at least you know I'm not a slimy SEO person and there is something useful in this article. ;)

Yesterday I blogged a simple little POC (Proof of Concept) that demonstrated adding a class to a random list element. As I said in the post yesterday, this was rather trivial code, but I wanted to share it because of the use of LocalStorage.

About an hour or so after I posted it, something began to bug me. I opened up the template and looked at the Network requests in Chrome dev tools.

Building a Enabled PhoneGap App - Part 2

09-25-2012 6,716 views Mobile, Development, jQuery, JavaScript 2 Comments

Sorry it took me a few days to get part 2 done. My hope is to get a few more entries done this week with a wrap up by next week. If you haven't read the first part, follow the Related Entries links below. Hopefully you're up to date and ready to go.

Example of a JavaScript application with offline support

09-14-2012 14,160 views Mobile, Development, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 36 Comments

This morning I got a seemingly innocent question from a reader:

Came across your blog post on Parse + PhoneGap and wanted to get your opinion on the following use-case for that combo...

I've been exploring the possibilities of an app that essentially has a web form (similar to the contact form you've got right here, actually) that would store the resulting data via Parse. The reason would be important that the app would allow a form to submit, even if there wasn't an active Internet connection available.

So, just wanted your thoughts on whether I am looking in the right direction to accomplish this. Don't have much experience in the way of iOS apps, but have to start somewhere, right?

Proof of Concept - Build a download feature for IndexedDB

08-23-2012 8,095 views jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 8 Comments

Before I begin, a quick editorial note. I almost didn't write this blog entry. After working on the code and getting everything working right, things quickly went to crap when I switched from Mac to Windows. I had odd results in Firefox as well. Overall, I feel that the solution I've come up with here is solid, but the current browser implementations are... less than ideal. So, please keep that in mind. Perhaps you are reading this a year from now while cruising around on your jetpack and the browsers have settled down in terms of their IndexedDB support. Perhaps. Until then, please consider that what follows is going to be less than perfect in your browser.

Resources from my RIACon presentations

08-08-2012 2,679 views Mobile, Development, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 1 Comment

Thank you to everyone who showed up for my RIACon presentations. Any feedback, positive or negative, would be greatly appreciated. I've attached the code and slide deck for the jQuery Mobile presentation to this blog post (link at the bottom). The resources for my HTML5 presentation may be found on Github:

Using jQuery to load HTML and filter it by N selectors

08-02-2012 6,554 views jQuery, JavaScript 18 Comments

Forgive the somewhat awkward title. Hopefully an explanation will make things a bit clearer. I was working on an application yesterday that needed to load in a HTML file via AJAX and display it on screen. The HTML happened to be documentation so I was going to simply display it as is on screen. Since I wasn't doing any processing, my code was very simple: