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Interesting addition to ColdFusion 11 (and an example of it in ColdFusion 10)

04-07-2014 1,906 views ColdFusion Comments

While preparing for a presentation I'm doing on ColdFusion 11 on Wednesday night, I discovered an interesting update to the directoryList function. In ColdFusion 11 you can now pass a function for filtering as opposed to just a list of extensions. (And yes, a list is valid - I'll explain more in a bit.) The example function was a bit messy so I updated it to make it a bit nicer. Here is the example.

Quick survey on PhoneGap/Cordova versions

04-07-2014 2,796 views Mobile 2 Comments

Got a minute? If so, please fill out this quick survey on PhoneGap/Cordova versions. This was spurred by a question from a reader asking about different versions of PhoneGap and how much each one is used. I wasn't aware of any firm numbers regarding this so I thought a simple survey may help.

PhoneGap/Cordova Version Survey

Dynamically Creating CSV Files on the Client

04-03-2014 2,675 views JavaScript, HTML5 10 Comments

A reader posed an interesting question on one of my ColdFusion posts recently. The post (Creating an Excel File) demonstrated how to take form data on the front end and create an Excel file via ColdFusion when the form is submitted. The user wanted to know if this could be done entirely client-side.

Adding an Absolutely Positioned Header to Reveal.js

04-01-2014 2,195 views Misc 3 Comments

I'm a big fan of reveal.js. It is a lightweight HTML-based presentation framework that just works well for me. I switched over to it a while ago and enjoy working with it. Every now and then though I run into an issue that is a bit hard to handle with it. Yesterday I was working on my cfObjective presentation and created the slide you see below.

Dash integration for Brackets

03-31-2014 1,990 views Development Comments

So after raving about Dash yesterday, I thought I'd whip up a quick Brackets integration extension for it. Brackets recently made Node integration a bit easier, and Dash has a simple CLI interface for searching, so it didn't take long to write an extension that lets you make a selection, hit a key combo, and then open the doc in Dash automatically.

Check out Dash

03-30-2014 2,052 views Development 5 Comments

While at iOS training a few weeks ago one of the instructors mentioned an OSX program called Dash. Dash is an offline documentation viewer, which sounds kinda boring, but I'm incredibly pleased with it.

AngularJS Tip - Avoid Multiple Variables in ng-src

03-29-2014 2,259 views JavaScript Comments

Before I start, let me be clear I'm still learning AngularJS and this "tip" may be 100% wrong. I just ran into this with an application and most likely there is a better way to address what I did.

ColdFusion Example: Upload a zip of images for processing

03-28-2014 2,141 views ColdFusion 1 Comment

I keep a note of possible blog ideas and as I've been having a bit of writer's block lately, I thought I'd take a look and see what I could turn into a decent article. One of the older ideas I had was something that I thought would be a good example. Imagine you've built an image uploader for your site and have a bit of processing on the back end (scaling, gray scaling, etc). Now imagine you want to allow for bulk uploads of zip files to do the same thing. Here is a simple one page example of that in action.

PhoneGap for the Enterprise

03-25-2014 4,343 views Mobile 6 Comments

This is just a quick FYI type post, but today Adobe announced "PhoneGap for the Enterprise". You can read more about it at the PhoneGap Blog: Introducing PhoneGap for the Enterprise.

My first native iOS app - Death Clock

03-25-2014 2,537 views Mobile 13 Comments

A few days ago I returned from a week of Objective-C and iOS training. I wanted to build an app on my own just to see what I could do and how comfortable I felt with the technology away from the Nerd Ranch. While it isn't pretty and the code is probably wrong in multiple ways, I've been able to create a native version of the Death Clock.