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Check out Happy Metrix

07-27-2013 3,526 views Misc 1 Comment

I've got something of a soft spot for dashboards. That's why I was pleasantly surprised recently to discover Happy Metrix. Happy Metrix, currently in beta, is an Adobe AIR based desktop application that lets you build dashboard reports for a variety of different datasources. As an example, you can integrate with Google Analytics, Twitter, and YouTube to see how your content is performing. Here's my main dashboard (click for a larger size picture):

OSX Outlook keeps asking for a password

05-22-2013 7,531 views Misc 6 Comments

Ever since day one at Adobe I've had an odd issue with Outlook on my Mac. About 3-4 times a day it would 'forget' my password. As soon as I entered my password it worked, but it bugged me that I had to keep re-entering it. I Googled but never found the right answer. I deleted and recreated my profile numerous times, but it never helped.

Finally, Terry White (fellow Adobe evangelist!) made a simple suggest. Instead of entering my password in Outlook, I should be doing it in the Exchange settings via System Preferences.

So first you go here...

And then click Details:

That was it. Seriously. I can't believe I didn't figure that out earlier, but every single time I tried to fix it by Googling around I never came across this solution. (Probably because it was too obvious. ;)

Note to folks attending cfObjective and attending my sessions

05-16-2013 3,356 views Misc 2 Comments

Due to a problem back home, I have to leave the conference early. I'm giving my Mobile Web Debugging session in the first slot this morning (this schedule change will be announced this morning). Dave Ferguson will be covering my CF10+HTML5 session and Matt Gifford will be covering my PhoneGap session.

Hear me wax poetic on Nerd Radio

05-13-2013 2,221 views Misc Comments

Ok, maybe "poetic" is a bit much... but you can listen to my Nerd Radio interview here:

MAX Day 3: Ray Camden and Stupid Questions

Ray Camden, Adobe Creative Cloud Evangelist, talks with us about his sessions at MAX covering topics like PhoneGap Build and web development tools.

Thanks to Leif and and Garth for inviting me!

Coolest Unboxing Ever

05-06-2013 3,752 views Misc 5 Comments

I've never understood the appeal of "unboxing videos". Don't get me wrong - I love to get new tech and I love the open it up and play with it. But watching someone else do that? Lame. But I just had to share my own personal experience with this. After my first MAX presentation today (demo assets will be posted tomorrow, sorry, this was far cooler), a woman walked up to me and handed me her "business card". Here is what she gave me:

How long ago was 1973?

04-08-2013 2,942 views Misc 36 Comments

A long, long, long time ago. Today I turn 40 and thankfully I don't feel a day over 39. ;)

Speaking Engagements for March, 2013

03-05-2013 2,477 views Misc Comments

A bit late for this entry, but here we go anyway. My speaking engagements for this month are...

Welcome to (2013)

02-25-2013 2,777 views Misc 24 Comments

A few weeks ago I warned you that I'd be updating the site with a new design, and this weekend I deployed it. For the most part everything should work the same, but if you encounter any bugs or other problems, let me know.

Another Lafayette Job - Game Programming Teacher

02-20-2013 2,552 views Misc Comments

As before, I'm just passing it on, but I'm so happy to see cool tech jobs in beautiful Lafayette, LA.

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE), the leading educator in game development, 3D animation and VFX, is looking for an experienced game programmer to deliver our courses in Professional Game Development (Game Programming) at our Lafayette campus.

Our courses are strongly practical and intensive and focus on the core skills required by game programmers. The successful applicant will develop, update and deliver the course content, administer course requirements, and provide assessment and direction over the school year. Teaching experience is great, but not necessary. Strong communication skills, a team oriented attitude and commercial games programming development experience are essential.

The successful applicant will be working within a supportive and highly skilled team, across all campuses.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Delivering the course content for our courses using a combination of lecture style sessions and practice tutorials
  • Planning, creation and development of new course materials
  • Reviewing, as part of a team, current curriculum and updating as required
  • Advising and assisting students on both programming and technical issues
  • Monitoring student progress including attendance, course competencies, informal and formal assessment
  • Evaluating student course work in both practical and theory exercises


  • Detailed, practical, up-to-date knowledge of C++ and C# for game programming and the application of middleware
  • Ability to keep knowledge current with industry standards and further own learning as required
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively within a team


  • Prior teaching experience an advantage
  • Formal qualification in a relevant area

This position is preferred full time, but permanent part time will be considered (min. 3 days per week) for the right applicant. Salary is negotiable based on skills and experience.

Please send resumes to

Local Job Opportunity: After Effects Designer - Louisiana

02-18-2013 2,536 views Misc Comments

Just passing this on. The company is one I've known for a while and is a darn cool local shop.

Lafayette, LA design studio looking for freelance content creator proficient in Adobe After Effects CS6 with motion graphics skills for online content, presentation templates, etc. Project-based work. Deadline oriented. Understanding of typography and creative ad design a must. Send details of your After Effects experience and a link to your portfolio to