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No more job openings...

09-03-2013 3,332 views Misc 11 Comments

I don't typically blog about "editorial decisions", but I thought I'd put this out there in case I'm really wrong about it. I've decided to no longer post job openings on my blog. On one hand it was easy enough to just cut and paste and I like the idea of helping folks find jobs, but on the other hand... I just don't want to post them anymore here. There's other places to do so (and I'd be glad to hear people discuss where and how they search for jobs), but I think simple postings just don't make sense on this blog.

So yeah - that's my decision. Feel free to argue about it over lunch. :)

Like Brackets? Help support it at the Linux Journal Readers Choice Awards

08-28-2013 3,133 views Misc 4 Comments

My favorite editor, Brackets, is up for an award at the Linux Journal Readers' Choice Awards. If you like Brackets too, please take a minute to vote for it. Voting ends September 23rd.

Over 5000! (Almost...)

08-26-2013 3,425 views Misc 14 Comments

Earlier today I wrote a quick blog entry and while in my admin, I noticed this...

Topic Undefined - Episode 3

08-06-2013 3,439 views Misc Comments

Keeping up with my theme this week of light blog posting (sorry, I'm beginning to feel really bad about it), I just wanted to make sure folks knew that the 3rd edition of the Topic Undefined podcast is up and ready for your listening pleasure.

Topic Undefined - Episode 3

Sunday OT: New Who

08-04-2013 3,233 views Misc 3 Comments

I don't remember the first time I watched Dr. Who, but I have many fond memories of watching it as a young child. I would set up our VCR to record the show (it aired way late on Sunday night on PBS) and watch the episode Monday morning. I can remember hoping I'd have enough time before I left for school.

First impressions of Leap Motion

07-31-2013 4,278 views Misc 8 Comments

Summary: My initial impression was very confusing, frustrating, but after some hiccups I'm pretty damn excited. Read on for more details.

Welcome to the Nielsen Family - and 1960

07-30-2013 3,912 views Misc 22 Comments

Sorry folks - slow blog week. A few weeks ago I got a letter saying our household had been selected to be a Nielsen Family. For my readers who are international, this is a private company that for half a century now has been surveying the American public and what TV shows they watch. I've never known anyone who was part of the system, so to be honest, I thought it was kind of cool to be selected. About a week or so I got a small package from them and then promptly forgot about it. I just opened it now and - wow - talk about a company living in the past.

Check out Happy Metrix

07-27-2013 3,958 views Misc 1 Comment

I've got something of a soft spot for dashboards. That's why I was pleasantly surprised recently to discover Happy Metrix. Happy Metrix, currently in beta, is an Adobe AIR based desktop application that lets you build dashboard reports for a variety of different datasources. As an example, you can integrate with Google Analytics, Twitter, and YouTube to see how your content is performing. Here's my main dashboard (click for a larger size picture):

OSX Outlook keeps asking for a password

05-22-2013 9,738 views Misc 6 Comments

Ever since day one at Adobe I've had an odd issue with Outlook on my Mac. About 3-4 times a day it would 'forget' my password. As soon as I entered my password it worked, but it bugged me that I had to keep re-entering it. I Googled but never found the right answer. I deleted and recreated my profile numerous times, but it never helped.

Finally, Terry White (fellow Adobe evangelist!) made a simple suggest. Instead of entering my password in Outlook, I should be doing it in the Exchange settings via System Preferences.

So first you go here...

And then click Details:

That was it. Seriously. I can't believe I didn't figure that out earlier, but every single time I tried to fix it by Googling around I never came across this solution. (Probably because it was too obvious. ;)

Note to folks attending cfObjective and attending my sessions

05-16-2013 3,547 views Misc 2 Comments

Due to a problem back home, I have to leave the conference early. I'm giving my Mobile Web Debugging session in the first slot this morning (this schedule change will be announced this morning). Dave Ferguson will be covering my CF10+HTML5 session and Matt Gifford will be covering my PhoneGap session.