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Adding an Absolutely Positioned Header to Reveal.js

04-01-2014 2,162 views Misc 3 Comments

I'm a big fan of reveal.js. It is a lightweight HTML-based presentation framework that just works well for me. I switched over to it a while ago and enjoy working with it. Every now and then though I run into an issue that is a bit hard to handle with it. Yesterday I was working on my cfObjective presentation and created the slide you see below.

Sunday Quickie - Bookmarklet to "Fix" forms that disable autocomplete

03-23-2014 2,271 views Misc 5 Comments

I don't know about you, but when I see a form that has disabled autocomplete, I get pretty upset:

This blog...

03-14-2014 2,413 views Misc 21 Comments

I have to apologize. For a while now this server has had issues. Sometimes I have to restart the services every morning. Sometimes it runs fine for days. My host, Edge Web, are very proactive and helpful, I know this because I'll get multiple phone calls, emails, etc as they try to repair my server. This bugs me because I am costing them time for something I should be able to correct myself. They give me a good deal as I help promote ColdFusion and provide open source and community resources, but at the end of the day, I don't want to be a burden to them as I'm not really paying my fair share there.

The issues I have on my box are something involving Apache or ColdFusion. If I could spend a day just hacking away at it I could possibly figure it out. I have spent time digging into it (and as I said, so have Edge Web), but at the end of the day, I do not want to be a server administrator. I don't want to have to worry about tuning. I want this site to continue to be a resource for folks who want to learn. If that means ditching all my dependancies, then so be it.

Right now I'm considering moving to static. I can't move to S3 because they don't support regex URL replacements. I could easily use one regex rewrite rule to go from /index.cfm/2014/3/12/Reprint-What-in-the-heck-is-JSONP-and-why-would-you-use-it to /2014/3/12/Reprint-What-in-the-heck-is-JSONP-and-why-would-you-use-it, but that isn't supported with S3 hosting. The other big issue is comments. Disqus allows for importing, but I currently have 50000+ comments here. I'd have to be careful to not miss anything. Everything is lagniappe. I'm more than willing to push search to a custom Google search engine. Any ColdFusion demos would fail, but I typically post my code in downloadable format as well.

During the time I wrote this post - I had to restart Apache multiple times - so heck - it may not be related to ColdFusion (or MySQL) at all. That being said - I don't care. I want to simplify as much as possible so I can focus on having this site up 100% of the time.

Remember DevelopRIA?

03-10-2014 2,420 views Misc Comments
So a long, long time ago the site InsideRIA was shut down and the articles archived over at DevelopRIA. I blogged about this here back in 2011. (The old days. Remember them?) As just an FYI, that site is now dead too. I was able to procure an export of all the data, so if you are an author of something from the site and want a copy of your text, download the attachment below.

2013 Survey Results

01-05-2014 2,285 views Misc 9 Comments

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my site survey from last month. I had almost a hundred responses and I thought I'd share the results with my readers.

My 2014 Resolutions

01-01-2014 2,329 views Misc 4 Comments

Here are my resolutions for the new year. It isn't a long list so I have some chance of achieving my goals but I reserve the right to pretend like I never wrote this post approximately five minutes after posting it.

Top Ten Entries for 2013

12-29-2013 2,401 views Misc 5 Comments

These types of blog entries (best of year X) are admittedly kind of lame, but I was curious myself to see what my top entries were over the past year. So without further ado, here are my top entries for the past year. (Yes, I know it isn't over yet, but as I'm vacation I doubt I'll write anything more of real interest between now and New Year's Eve):

Help me help you...

12-18-2013 2,907 views Misc 3 Comments

I've run this blog for a little over ten years now, and from time to time I ask my readers to give me feedback about the site. I don't necessarily always follow that feedback, I write about what excites me, but I do want to get an idea of how I'm doing, what could be done better, and what really works well for my readers.

I've created a little Google Doc form that you can fill out in about five minutes. Feel free to tear me apart if you wish - I can take it (ok, I can't, but I'll pretend). At the end of the day I'd rather have honest feedback than just a simple pat on the back. (Although that's kinda nice too. ;)

Site Survey

Click (like crazy) for Toys for Tots

12-10-2013 2,188 views Misc 1 Comment

Just a quick note for those of you with a bit of OCD. Visit and play the little gift building game for a few minutes. Get up to 5000 gifts and the company behind the game (DVS) will donate a buck to Toys for Tots. This won't take more than a few minutes, and you can stop playing whenever you want, honest.

Slow posting, responding for a while

11-13-2013 3,564 views Misc 1 Comment

Just a quick note to let you guys know that I'll be working on a project over the next two weeks that will occupy about 200% of my time. I expect there will be no blogging at all during this period and I will not be able to respond to many emails. See you at Thanksgiving.