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Google+ Sign-In and ColdFusion

02-20-2014 3,279 views JavaScript, ColdFusion 9 Comments

A while ago I blogged (see related entries) about ColdFusion, OAuth, and Google. I ended up using this on a client's project. They go to his app, click sign-in, are redirected to Google, and upon authenticating, are brought back to the app so that profile information can be retrieved from Google and synced up with a local user record. My client then asked me to take a look at Google+ Sign-In. I spent some time working on some code and I thought I'd share. While this post uses ColdFusion for the back end, I think it could be helpful to folks using other back ends as I found some issues that apply universally.

Adding a dynamic calendar to HarpJS

02-14-2014 2,565 views Development, JavaScript Comments

Another day, another HarpJS recipe. Can you tell what I'm excited about lately? For today's demo, I've built a simple dynamic calendar for HarpJS. There are probably many different ways to handle this (you could simply embed a Google Calendar as I describe here), but here is how I solved it.

Presenting on Harp.js next week

02-12-2014 2,240 views Development, JavaScript, HTML5 Comments

Next week I'll be giving a presentation on HarpJS (and the Harp platform). For folks who just so happen to be in Louisiana, the first presentation will be Tuesday night at the Acadiana Adobe User Group (details here: Meeting).

Of course, I assume most of my readership is not in the beautiful state of Louisiana, so for the rest of y'all, I'm going to make true on my promise to give Google Hangouts a try. I'll be hosting my first Hangout as a presentation so expect some bumps, but I think it will go ok. I've included a link to the details below. It will be held next Friday, February 21, at 12PM CST.

Google+ Event

Edited Feb 14: Just an FYI, I modified the event link. If you signed up at the other one, please try this new link.

AngularJS IndexedDB Demo

02-07-2014 3,835 views Development, JavaScript 16 Comments

Over the past few months I've had a series of articles (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) discussing IndexedDB. In the last article I built a full, if rather simple, application that let you write notes. (I'm a sucker for note taking applications.) When I built the application, I intentionally did not use a framework. I tried to write nice, clear code of course, but I wanted to avoid anything that wasn't 100% necessary to demonstrate the application and IndexedDB. In the perspective of an article, I think this was the right decision to make. I wanted my readers to focus on the feature and not anything else. But I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to try AngularJS again.

Simple Trick - Adding a Play Indicator to the Browser Tab

02-04-2014 3,111 views Development, JavaScript 6 Comments

I'm a Soundcloud user and a while ago I noticed they did something cool with their interface - a "Play" icon when you are playing music.

Examples of the Marvel API

02-02-2014 14,296 views Development, JavaScript 11 Comments

A few days ago, the greatest API in the entire Internet was released - the Marvel API. Ok, maybe greatest is a strong word, but I love APIs, I love comics, and the combination of the two is nothing less than Galactus-level news. (And by Galactus I mean the giant purple guy, not the amorphous giant cloud from the forgettable Fantastic Four movie.)

Proof of Concept - Dashboard for Google Analytics

01-24-2014 3,825 views JavaScript 2 Comments

I'm somewhat OCD about checking my Google Analytics reports. I'm mainly concerned about this site, but I've got other sites I monitor as well. In the past I've used tools like Happy Metrix for this purpose, but their pricing now is a bit much for me. (To be clear, it is a kick ass product, but since my sites aren't commercial I can't justify the expense.) I knew that Google had an API for analytics so I thought I'd take a stab at writing my own dashboard.

I'm not going to tell you to stop using ColdFusion UI tags anymore...

01-23-2014 4,641 views JavaScript, HTML5, ColdFusion 35 Comments

For a while now, myself (and many others) in the ColdFusion community have been urging, begging, hell, pleading with developers to stop using UI tags in ColdFusion. Things like cfgrid, cfpod, etc, are easy to use, but in general lead to far more trouble than they are worth. I said this back in October of last year:

Edge Animate 3.0

01-21-2014 3,975 views Design, JavaScript, HTML5 9 Comments

One of my favorite tools has just hit 3.0 - Edge Animate. New features in this release include:

Some quick HarpJS Tips

01-20-2014 2,561 views Development, JavaScript, HTML5 Comments

I spent some time today converting an older ColdFusion site to static HTML (I'll talk more about that tomorrow) and I thought I'd share some tips that may help others.