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Edge Animate 3.0

01-21-2014 4,037 views Design, JavaScript, HTML5 9 Comments

One of my favorite tools has just hit 3.0 - Edge Animate. New features in this release include:

Some quick HarpJS Tips

01-20-2014 2,579 views Development, JavaScript, HTML5 Comments

I spent some time today converting an older ColdFusion site to static HTML (I'll talk more about that tomorrow) and I thought I'd share some tips that may help others.

Speaking in San Francisco next week - Mobile+Web DevCon

01-20-2014 1,784 views Development, HTML5 Comments

Just a quick note that I'll be speaking next week at Mobile+Web DevCon in San Francisco. This is my third time at this conference and I like it. It is a small conference, but it has a great relaxed, casual feel to it that I don't get at most conferences. I'll be speaking on Wednesday so if you are in town, come check it out.

Installing and Using Ripple for Cordova Development (A Video)

01-17-2014 4,921 views Mobile, Development, HTML5 7 Comments

Yesterday I recorded a video demonstrating how to use Ripple for Cordova/PhoneGap development. I even made it fancy with Premiere Pro CC (with a huge amount of help from Andy Trice). Let me know what you think and I hope this is helpful.

AngularJS Doesn't Suck!

01-14-2014 4,945 views JavaScript, HTML5 10 Comments

Ok, I apologize, that title is complete link bait, but I figured I'm allowed to have some fun every now and then, right? At least I didn't call it, "This Developer tried AngularJS and you won't believe what happened next!" About three years ago I blogged about AngularJS and how I thought it was kind of cool. This was before the 1.0 release. When 1.0 came out... it had changed. I didn't like it. It was hard to describe why I didn't like it. It had definitely gotten more complex and I just had a hard time wrapping my head around it.

HTML5 Input Patterns and Invalid Regex

01-13-2014 5,158 views JavaScript, HTML5 5 Comments

This is just a quick note to discuss something interesting a reader and I encountered last week. As you know (hopefully!), the input tag supports a pattern argument. The value of the pattern argument is a regular expression that is compared against the value of the input field. This allows for custom types of validation for data not covered by the host of new field types added in HTML5.

Article: Working with IndexedDB - Part 3

12-26-2013 2,484 views Development, JavaScript, HTML5 Comments

The final part of my series on IndexedDB was just published on NetTuts: Working with IndexedDB - Part 3.

If you haven't yet, be sure to read part one and part two.

Quick note about HTML5 Form validity and browser differences

12-19-2013 3,712 views JavaScript, HTML5 19 Comments

I was working with a reader on my blog post on HTML5 form validation when we ran into an interesting problem with different browsers.

Using the autodivider feature in jQuery Mobile

12-17-2013 4,545 views Mobile, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 2 Comments

A few days ago a reader asked me an interesting question. He wanted to create a list of dates in jQuery Mobile and group them by date. Turns out, this is fairly easy using the Autodividers feature of the ListView widget.

New Brackets Extension - Canalyzer!

12-16-2013 7,076 views Development, JavaScript, HTML5 1 Comment

Over the past few days I've worked on a little experiment for Brackets that I wanted to share with folks. I'm not sure this is a good idea. Or a practical one for that matter. But that hasn't stopped me from sharing code before so why start now?