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Article: HTML out of the Browser

04-17-2014 1,301 views Development, HTML5 Comments

Very happy to announce the first publication of an article of mine on the Mozilla Hacks blog. This article is a bit of a departure for me. Less techy and more touchy-feely. Broadly, the article is a look at how HTML (well, web standards in general) are branching out of the browser. Probably some (or most) of this is known to my readers, but I felt like a look at this phenomenon was worthwhile. I hope you enjoy it as well.

HTML out of the Browser

Open PhoneGap/Cordova Session next week

04-16-2014 2,464 views Mobile, HTML5 Comments

It has been a while, but next week (Wednesday, April 23rd) at 12PM CST, Holly Schinsky and I will be hosting an open Q and A session for PhoneGap and Cordova. We've run these before and they are pretty successful. There will not be any presentation, but we will take your questions and answer them to the best of our ability. These sessions tend to bring up great discussions and are a good chance to see what other people are struggling with as well. We won't make a recording, but we will share the text of the questions and answers after the session is complete.

We will use Connect for this and the URL will be:

Multi-File Uploads and Multiple Selects (Part 2)

04-14-2014 2,281 views JavaScript, HTML5 4 Comments

A while back I wrote a simple example of using JavaScript to add file previews for a multi-file upload HTML control. You can find that entry here: Adding a file display list to a multi-file upload HTML control. I followed it up with another example (Multi-File Uploads and Multiple Selects) that demonstrated adding support for multiple selections. This weekend a reader asked for a way to remove files from the list before uploading. Here is an example of that.

Dynamically Creating CSV Files on the Client

04-03-2014 2,879 views JavaScript, HTML5 10 Comments

A reader posed an interesting question on one of my ColdFusion posts recently. The post (Creating an Excel File) demonstrated how to take form data on the front end and create an Excel file via ColdFusion when the form is submitted. The user wanted to know if this could be done entirely client-side.

Interesting discovery with CasperJS, jQuery, and transitions

02-28-2014 5,844 views JavaScript, HTML5 8 Comments

Earlier this week I got to look at some code using CasperJS. CasperJS is a testing utility for PhantomJS, a headless (i.e. virtual) Webkit browser. This is probably unfair, but I like to think of Casper as a super powered Curl. Hopefully you know Curl as a command line tool that lets you perform network requests and work with the result. Unlike Curl, CasperJS (and PhantomJS) can actually interact with the results like a real browser. This allows for some cool testing/utilities. I've only begun to scratch the surface of the tool, but I thought I'd share an interesting little issue my coworker and I ran into with it.

Nested Layouts in HarpJS

02-27-2014 3,024 views Development, HTML5 4 Comments

Currently it isn't possible to use nested layouts in HarpJS. But with a little work you can support it easily enough. Here is a solution (with an alternative) that you can use until (if) HarpJS supports it natively in the future.

Creating Next/Previous Links in HarpJS

02-26-2014 2,589 views Development, HTML5 2 Comments

Before I start - a quick apology. I know that this particular topic has been covered before, but I'm having a heck of a time finding the article. I wanted to build a quick example for a friend anyway so I thought I'd share. In this example, I've got a HarpJS site with a list of articles. For fun I also added a main image for each article. Here is the data source.

Two Harp.js Recipes: Limiting a list of blog entries by count and by date

02-13-2014 2,077 views HTML5 Comments

Here are two simple recipes for a Harp.js blog. Both are built using EJS but could be ported to Jade pretty easily. As I hate Jade I will not be the person doing it. ;) First, let's look at the sample data - a set of blog entries defined in _data.json.

Presenting on Harp.js next week

02-12-2014 2,259 views Development, JavaScript, HTML5 Comments

Next week I'll be giving a presentation on HarpJS (and the Harp platform). For folks who just so happen to be in Louisiana, the first presentation will be Tuesday night at the Acadiana Adobe User Group (details here: Meeting).

Of course, I assume most of my readership is not in the beautiful state of Louisiana, so for the rest of y'all, I'm going to make true on my promise to give Google Hangouts a try. I'll be hosting my first Hangout as a presentation so expect some bumps, but I think it will go ok. I've included a link to the details below. It will be held next Friday, February 21, at 12PM CST.

Google+ Event

Edited Feb 14: Just an FYI, I modified the event link. If you signed up at the other one, please try this new link.

I'm not going to tell you to stop using ColdFusion UI tags anymore...

01-23-2014 4,751 views JavaScript, HTML5, ColdFusion 35 Comments

For a while now, myself (and many others) in the ColdFusion community have been urging, begging, hell, pleading with developers to stop using UI tags in ColdFusion. Things like cfgrid, cfpod, etc, are easy to use, but in general lead to far more trouble than they are worth. I said this back in October of last year: