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Using the Gamepad API

06-20-2014 2,550 views Games, JavaScript, HTML5

My latest article for Tuts (this time Game Tuts) is now live. In this article I take a deep look at the gamepad API. I blogged about this a while ago but it has finally become (somewhat) more available to modern browsers. And yes, before someone says it, 'more available' doesn't mean 100%. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it: Using the HTML5 Gamepad API to Add Controller Support to Browser Games

Sunday OT - New Games

05-18-2014 3,117 views Games

One of the most fun parts of going to cfObjective is hanging out with my game-playing friends. While there I got to play three new games (and quite a few hands of Epic Spell Wars in which I never lost - honest!). Here they are (and yes, these are affiliate links so if you click to buy, I get a few pennies):

Sunday OT: Review of Epic Spell Wars

09-29-2013 5,004 views Games

Technically what I'm reviewing today is EPIC SPELL WARS OF THE BATTLE WIZARDS: DUEL AT MT. SKULLZFYRE (and yes, the caps are required), but Epic Spell Wars is somewhat shorter and easier to remember.