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Latest Nook App - TBS Horoscope

08-28-2011 4,584 views Mobile, Flex

A week or so ago I shared my thoughts on developing for the NookColor. Today I'm happy to say my second Nook app is available on the market. The turn around time for this app was much quicker than before. I had the idea for it last Sunday. By Monday night it was almost done. Tuesday I submitted my metadata and it was approved in a couple hours. I then submitted the application and it was approved by Friday. I checked Friday and it wasn't in the store yet, but as of this morning it's there. I'm pretty sure it was out Saturday as I'm seeing a few sales already.

Using a background with a Flex Mobile project

08-24-2011 17,433 views Mobile, Flex

Earlier this week I started work on a new NookColor app (already done and submitted). One of the minor design elements I wanted was a simple background using a graphic. I had assumed this would be a simple matter. It's already easy to set a background color. However this turned out to be slightly more complex than I imagined. What follows is an example of how it can be done. Credit for this goes to Jason San Jose and Holly Schinsky. Please note that part of this blog entry is my understanding of what's going on and there is a strong possibility I could be wrong. Any mistakes - blame me. If it's perfect - thank them. ;)

Flex Mobile Chat Session on Thursday

08-17-2011 3,786 views Mobile, Flex

I'm a bit late to post this, but myself, and a bunch of other Adobe evangelists, will be holding a Flex Mobile Chat Session on Connect this Thursday at 9AM Pacific. It's free and open to all so please stop by. See for details.

AIR 3 Beta updated

08-10-2011 5,030 views Mobile, Flex

I'm a bit late on this, but Labs has an update for the Adobe AIR 3 Beta. Some interesting new features in this update are...

  • Stage Video Hardware Acceleration (AIR for mobile)
  • Captive Runtime Support (AIR for desktop and Android)
  • iOS Background Audio Playback Support
  • Android Licensing Service Support
  • Android Front-facing Camera Support
  • Encrypted Local Storage for Mobile
  • H.264/AVC Software Encoding for Cameras (desktop)

See the labs site for more details, but I want to especially call out the captive runtime item. What this means - practically - is that your apps can ship with the AIR runtime in it. No need for a separate download.

Flex Mobile and ColdFusion Sessions

07-28-2011 4,784 views Mobile, Flex, ColdFusion

It just works. Thanks. Bye.

Ok - maybe a little more detail is in order? ;) I knew that Flex on the desktop, when making calls to CFC, kept a session just like any other normal HTTP request. I was also mostly certain that the same held true for Flex Mobile. I decided to verify it just to be sure though. I created an incredibly simple Flex Mobile project that pings a ColdFusion service. Here is the view:

Adobe AIR 3 and Flash Player 11 hit Labs (and Sony news!)

07-13-2011 4,667 views Flex

So I'm a bit late to help spread the news, but both Adobe AIR 3 and Flash Player 11 betas have hit Adobe Labs. You can check those links for details, but here are some things I'm excited about...

Some thoughts on working with CFCs remotely

07-08-2011 9,552 views Flex, ColdFusion

Last night my boss pinged me with a few questions concerning ColdFusion Components (CFCs) and Flex. His questions led to a long discussion about working with remote CFCs (and to be clear, this would apply to Flex or Ajax) and what some of the best/recommended practices are. He also asked for a demo of what I was talking about so I whipped up some code this morning to illustrate the concepts. If any of this blog entry does not make sense, I'll be moderating an open chat room later today (4PM CST) on Connect:

Hop on in and we can talk about this blog entry, or anything else. Anyway, on with the discussion.

Yes - you can develop Flash apps for iOS on Windows!

07-06-2011 8,027 views Mobile, Flex

I finally got my hands on an iPad2 (yes, the new job has perks) and today I decided to test out building a Flex Mobile application to the device. Others have described the steps in detail so I won't repeat that here, but I'll share how it went for me.

Flex Mobile/ColdFusion Example - Art Search

06-25-2011 7,970 views Mobile, Flex, ColdFusion

During my presentation earlier this week, I showed an example of a Flex Mobile application that spoke to ColdFusion for it's data. It was a simple application (search and detail records for art work), but I thought I'd take the time to explain it a bit more. It shouldn't be considered a 100% complete application (and I'll end with some notes about what I'd consider adding to make it complete), but I hope it can give you an example what it's like to mix Flex and ColdFusion on the mobile platform.

Slides, code, and recording from my Flex Mobile/ColdFusion presentation

06-24-2011 7,902 views Mobile, Flex, ColdFusion

Embedded below you will find my slide, code, and recording url from my presentation last night. Enjoy. Note that the recording URL will require you to have an login (if you don't have one already - it's free, open to all, etc).