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I survived Big Nerd Ranch training

03-22-2014 4,402 views Mobile, Development 20 Comments

It's Saturday morning and I'm slowly decompressing from spending the last seven days in what is easily the most intense training I've experienced in my life. I've just returned from Big Nerd Ranch's "Beginning iOS" class and I'd like to share my thoughts on it. This post is separated into two sections. I'll begin by talking about the class itself and then share my thoughts on Objective-C and iOS in general.

This server...

03-20-2014 2,308 views Development 5 Comments

A few days ago I blogged about how I was unhappy with the stability of my blog. I discussed how I was looking to simplify and reduce the "moving parts" here and that as part of that plan, I was going to switch to a static site.

Brackets Sprint 37 and Upcoming Hackathon

03-18-2014 2,133 views Development Comments

Today Brackets Sprint 37 was released. You can download it via the usual place. Release notes may be found here: My favorite updates here are the ability to finally disable automatic tabbing and closing tag insertion. I'm probably the minority here but those features don't help - they get in the way of my natural typing. You can see more details about that update here.

Finally, if you are in the San Francisco area next Wednesday, consider coming to a public Hackathon: San Francisco Brackets Meetup and Hackathon. This is a great way to meet the team and learn more about how the sausage is made.

Barcode Scanner sample, and new repo for Cordova examples

03-05-2014 7,647 views Mobile, Development 25 Comments

Phillip recently asked me for a simple barcode scanner example in Cordova, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to fire up another GitHub repo just for sample apps. I've got a couple of repos for presentations with PhoneGap/Cordova examples, but nothing dedicated. I created a new one, Cordova Examples, just for that purpose.

Nested Layouts in HarpJS

02-27-2014 3,027 views Development, HTML5 4 Comments

Currently it isn't possible to use nested layouts in HarpJS. But with a little work you can support it easily enough. Here is a solution (with an alternative) that you can use until (if) HarpJS supports it natively in the future.

Creating Next/Previous Links in HarpJS

02-26-2014 2,595 views Development, HTML5 2 Comments

Before I start - a quick apology. I know that this particular topic has been covered before, but I'm having a heck of a time finding the article. I wanted to build a quick example for a friend anyway so I thought I'd share. In this example, I've got a HarpJS site with a list of articles. For fun I also added a main image for each article. Here is the data source.

Recording and Assets from my Harp.js Presentation

02-21-2014 2,304 views Development 3 Comments

I just wrapped up my first "Hangouts on Air" presentation on Harp.js and YouTube has it available already. Dang that's cool. I've embedded the video below. You can find all the assets (slide deck and demos) at this link:

Friday Puzzler: Rolling the die...

02-21-2014 2,065 views Development 16 Comments

It has been a while since my last Friday puzzle, but I ran across something yesterday that I thought would be an excellent little coding challenge. Even better, this one I guarantee shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes. Honest!

Video: Debugging with Firefox DevTools

02-20-2014 2,455 views Development Comments

I'm a bit late on this as I didn't even know it was published yet (ok, just two hours ago, but still... ;) but today NetTuts published my video on Firefox DevTools:

Adding a dynamic calendar to HarpJS

02-14-2014 2,638 views Development, JavaScript Comments

Another day, another HarpJS recipe. Can you tell what I'm excited about lately? For today's demo, I've built a simple dynamic calendar for HarpJS. There are probably many different ways to handle this (you could simply embed a Google Calendar as I describe here), but here is how I solved it.