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Centering a Google Map on America

08-09-2014 2,676 views Development, JavaScript 10 Comments

Earlier this morning I was building a Google Map demo for a client (using EventBrite data - I'll share that if I can) and I needed to center a Google Map on America. There are a couple ways of doing this and I thought I'd share them along with some screen shots so you can see the results.

Keep your DOM from shifting around...

08-05-2014 5,119 views Development, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 5 Comments

I've been meaning to write this up for a while now, but I never got around to it till today when a meeting got cancelled suddenly. It was this or get on the treadmill, and unfortunately, the treadmill lost. Lately I've noticed a common problem with both web apps and native apps. The problem is this: The application renders some sort of dynamic content. In that content are various UI elements you can click. At the same time, the app is fetching additional content asynchronously. When that content comes in, it is displayed then and the layout of the content is adjusted as the new stuff comes in. The problem is that the user may have been just about to click on a button, link, or whatever, and now finds that their click action has done nothing. Or worse - has activated another action that they didn't want. TweetDeck is especially bad about this. Facebook, surprisingly, is actually pretty darn good about this. Let's look at a simple example in case I'm not making sense.

First release of Cordova Brackets extension

07-11-2014 6,872 views Mobile, Development 3 Comments

I blogged about this a few days ago, but I think I'm ready to really release my Cordova Brackets extension. The code is pretty much crap and it's really lacking in providing good feedback while it works, but the initial feature list is complete. Assuming you've got the Cordova CLI installed already, you can, via Brackets:

Article: Static Site Engine Battle Royale

07-07-2014 2,272 views Development 1 Comment

Nope - not one of my articles, but one by Brian Rinaldi. Brian's article looks at three different static site engines and compares and contrasts them. It is a great article and as my readers know, I've been doing a lot with static site generators lately.

Article on Fenix Web Server

06-30-2014 2,614 views Development Comments

Just a quick note to say that I'll be a bit quiet this week as Adobe shut down for the week and I'll be (hopefully!) catching up on some house work. Also - an article I wrote for the awesome Flippin' Awesome went live this morning: Easy and Shareable Local Web Servers with Fenix. I hope you enjoy it.

XCode "forgets" frameworks and bundles after a restart

06-25-2014 2,307 views Development, Misc 4 Comments

Just blogging this as I had trouble Googling for a solution when it hit me. I've been doing ObjectiveC work lately for the CreativeSDK project and I kept running into an odd problem. I'd set up a simple project, do some work on it, and when I returned the next day, any use of the CreativeSDK would fail. If I removed the frameworks and bundles from my project and re-added them, it worked again. The first time (OK, the first few times) this happened, I just assumed I made a mistake when adding it, but when it happened consistently, I figured something was up.

Why I took that ObjectiveC training...

06-18-2014 2,531 views Development Comments

So my particular part (documentation) isn't publicly available yet, but here is the project:

What is the "best" form to return different types of data?

04-29-2014 3,137 views Development 1 Comment

I'm helping a friend deal with an AJAX issue and ran across something he was doing that was - in my opinion - a bit wrong. Specifically it involved how he was returning complex data from a remote service. I thought I'd whip up some quick advice about this. While his issue involved AJAX, this advice should really apply to just about anything, and as always, I assume folks have their own opinions/suggestions as well. Add 'em to the comments below!

Article: Expose Yourself with ngrok

04-28-2014 2,510 views Development 2 Comments

Just a quick note, but I've published another article for the awesome FlippinAwesome: Expose Yourself with ngrok. Hope you like it.

Keeping up with Cordova and PhoneGap

04-24-2014 7,614 views Mobile, Development 6 Comments

How do developers keep up with the latest updates from the Apache Cordova and PhoneGap projects?