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My review of Ionic's Visual Application Builder

10-10-2014 5,639 views Mobile, Development, Design, JavaScript 3 Comments

Let me begin by saying that - like most developers I think - I have a pretty strong distrust for visual builders for applications. I've been burned by too many tools that create something pretty on screen but generate a horrible mess of code behind the scenes. I think there are definitely tools that do a good job of it now, but once you've been scarred by seeing div tags nested twenty layers deep, you get a bit sensitive. I've recently become a bit more open minded about it. XCode, in general, has a very powerful UI building metaphor to it and I kinda dig how the Android tools handle it in Eclipse as well. Now that you understand how I approach these tools, let me talk to you a bit about the upcoming Ionic Creator tool from the folks behind Ionic.

UX question, handling notifications

10-02-2014 1,963 views Development, Design 3 Comments

Ok, just a random note. I was going to post this on Google+ but figured I'd get a broader reach here on my blog. Lately I've run into two sites that handle notifications in a way that kinda bug me. I wanted to see if it bugs you too. I'm also curious if folks think my ideas for improvement makes sense, or if perhaps something else would be better.

Syncing Edge Animate with Window Scroll

09-29-2014 3,143 views Development, Design, JavaScript 5 Comments

Recently I've come across a few sites that will tie window scrolling with animation. When used in a subtle, small fashion, this is kind of cool. When used to change large portions of the view or really screw with scrolling, I detect it. Like most things, it all comes down to how you use it I suppose. But I was thinking recently - how can we do this with Edge Animate? Turns out it is rather simple.

Project Parfait moves to Creative Cloud

08-21-2014 2,284 views Development, Design Comments

A few months ago I blogged about the awesome new tool we released, Project Parfait. Project Parfait lets you upload and inspect PSDs directly in the browser. For developers like myself this was especially nice. As powerful as Photoshop is, I don't have a lot of experience with it. I found Project Parfait to be a much easier tool. As a web developer, being able to quickly see color palettes, font faces, and sizes was a huge benefit.

Project Parfait - PSD Introspection in the Browser

04-22-2014 3,994 views Development, Design 5 Comments

Today Adobe launched a pretty cool new site - Project Parfait. Project Parfait lets you work with PSDs via your web browser.

Update to my JavaScript Behance API

04-11-2014 3,485 views Design, JavaScript 1 Comment

After "speaking" with a reader yesterday about my Behance JavaScript API, I've decided to go ahead and promote it to a proper GitHub repository. You can now find the code here:

I also updated the API to support getProject. There are still a lot of things missing. I'm basically adding functions as people ask for them, but with the number of demos I've built with it I thought it was time to move it over to GitHub. Enjoy.

Edge Animate 3.0

01-21-2014 5,628 views Design, JavaScript, HTML5 17 Comments

One of my favorite tools has just hit 3.0 - Edge Animate. New features in this release include:

Creative Cloud Update Today

01-16-2014 2,683 views Design 2 Comments

Just a quick note to let my readers know that another update to Creative Cloud has landed today. Other people have written it up better so I'm just going to share a few links. The updates are to Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, and Muse CC. (I saw a presentation on Muse a few weeks back and was really impressed. Obviously it isn't something I'd use, but for non-technical people it looks like a pretty darn cool solution, especially when you mix in the hosting options.)

Out of all the updates, the coolest though is perspective warp. I am convinced that Photoshop is built with pure magic. This is - again - one more example of that. My buddy Andrew Trice created a cool video showing it off. (I've linked to his post below.)

Just to be clear, when you add Optimus to anything you win. Period.

Want to learn more? You can start off over at with this good overview: Adobe Creative Cloud--A Platform for Innovation. Then read Andy's post here for a look at perspective warp: Perspective Warp in Adobe Photoshop CC. Remember, if you haven't signed up for Creative Cloud you can do so for free and get 30 day trials of everything discussed here (plus a crap ton of other products as well). Sign up here:

Adobe Edge Reflow - Preview 7

01-15-2014 3,780 views Mobile, Development, Design Comments

Yesterday we released a new update to Edge Reflow, our responsive design tool part of the Creative Cloud. I've spoken about Edge Reflow before. For me - it was the tool that really let me "get" responsive design. Being able to see the design change in real time and the CSS properties associated with those designs just made sense to me whereas before I had a hard time wrapping my head around it. If you haven't yet checked it out, now is a perfect time. You can try it for free, and of course, if you are a CC member it is included in your collection.

Delaying an Edge Animate asset until visible - Part 4

12-06-2013 8,535 views Design, JavaScript, HTML5 47 Comments

Welcome to the final blog post on delaying Edge Animate animations. I'm saying final just because I can't believe how such a simple thing has turned into so many different blog posts, so many different variations, and so many different fun diversions. Most likely because I said this will be the final post, someone will discover some other interesting opportunity and I'll have to write a part 5. But hey - that's the fun part about being a developer, right? Before we start though, please be sure you've read the earlier posts. I'll link to them at the bottom.