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ColdFusion, Random Numbers, and Time

03-11-2014 2,389 views ColdFusion 7 Comments

A while ago I logged a bug I had discovered with ColdFusion REST services. I had created a simple REST service that returned a random number between one and one hundred. Nothing too complex, right? But then I noticed something odd. If I called the REST service with a cfhttp call twice, I got the same number back. I had discovered - I thought - a serious caching issue with REST services. Turns out I was wrong.

My ColdFusion Bugs - visualized

02-28-2014 3,336 views JavaScript, ColdFusion 2 Comments

One last blog entry before I enter Mardi Gras oblivion. Earlier this week I had logged into the ColdFusion bugbase and noticed that I had over 500 bugs in the system. I thought this was kinda cool and I was wondering if I could see aggregate data about my bug reports.

ColdFusion and Form Fields with the Same Name

02-25-2014 2,837 views ColdFusion 9 Comments

Many months ago I blogged about a great new feature in ColdFusion 10. It allowed you to take form fields with the same name and return them as an array. Why was this important? Consider the following example.

Google+ Sign-In and ColdFusion

02-20-2014 3,350 views JavaScript, ColdFusion 9 Comments

A while ago I blogged (see related entries) about ColdFusion, OAuth, and Google. I ended up using this on a client's project. They go to his app, click sign-in, are redirected to Google, and upon authenticating, are brought back to the app so that profile information can be retrieved from Google and synced up with a local user record. My client then asked me to take a look at Google+ Sign-In. I spent some time working on some code and I thought I'd share. While this post uses ColdFusion for the back end, I think it could be helpful to folks using other back ends as I found some issues that apply universally.

ColdFusion Splendor/Thunder Public Betas

02-19-2014 3,828 views ColdFusion 24 Comments

Unless you live under a rock (or have had the incredibly good sense to avoid Twitter), you know that today we announced the public betas of ColdFusion Splendor (that's the next version of the server) and ColdFusion Thunder (the IDE).

ColdFusion UI Project Update

02-19-2014 3,290 views ColdFusion 2 Comments

About a month ago Adam Cameron and I announced the ColdFusion UI project - a set of articles/demos that demonstrate how to do UI without the ColdFusion UI tags (like cfform, cftable, etc). I wanted to give folks a quick update on the project.

Since release we've had 36 pull requests from multiple people in the community.

We now have chapters for:

  • cfajaxproxy
  • cfcalendar
  • cfchart
  • cfdiv
  • cflayout/tabs
  • cfmenu
  • cfslider
  • cftable
  • cftooltip
  • cfwindow

So far - a great start. I truly hope this turns into a resource that devs can share with their teammates to help them improve their front end skills.

You can download the demos, and contribute your own, at the GitHub repository:

Mimicking fixNewLine in ColdFusion Script

02-10-2014 2,799 views ColdFusion 9 Comments

A few days ago a reader asked me if there was a way to mimic the "fixNewLine" attribute in ColdFusion script. I thought he meant addNewLine, the feature that handles adding a new line character for you when you write text to a file. Turns out this is a feature I've never even heard of. From the docs:

Some tips for working with PDF Forms and ColdFusion

02-06-2014 3,291 views ColdFusion 9 Comments

ColdFusion has had the ability to work with PDF forms for a while, but I never got a chance to actually play with it till last night. A client needed me to build a simple POC that used an HTML form to accept user input. This user needed the input to be passed to the PDF and saved there. For the most part the process was painless, but there were a few gotchas I wanted to share with folks.

Smart Quotes Strike Again

01-30-2014 2,353 views ColdFusion 4 Comments

Earlier today I helped a buddy of mine who was trying to get CORS working with ColdFusion. He followed my simple tip (Enable CORS for ColdFusion Services) but it didn't work. I did some digging and this is what I found.

Updated ColdFusion OAuth Code

01-28-2014 3,641 views ColdFusion 9 Comments

A few months ago I wrote a few blog entries (see the links below) demonstrating how to use OAuth with Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. I recently had a chance to work on those libraries again and I thought I'd share the updated code. I made some... questionable design decisions on those demos that I'd like to pretend were made by the Mirror Universe Ray instead.