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MockData CFC Released

08-04-2014 2,536 views ColdFusion 7 Comments

A while ago I wrote a Node.js service called MockData. The idea behind it was to create a quick way to generate mock data for client-side applications that were purely driven by URL parameters. So for example, I could get 10 random people by doing an XHR request to http://myserver:myport?num=10&author=name. The service I built supported a few different types of mock data (names, emails, addresses, telephone numbers, etc), and was, I think, pretty flexible. I thought it would be interesting to rewrite the core logic in ColdFusion, specifically ColdFusion 11, to see how much of the JS code had to be re-engineered.

Linting your ColdFusion code

07-31-2014 2,703 views ColdFusion 14 Comments

Earlier this week I discovered a new project on GitHub, CFLint. For my readers who may not be aware, linters are tools that inspect your code for bugs, best practices, and other issues. Numerous different types of linters exist, but as far as I know this is the first one for ColdFusion. It is still a bit rough (in my tests it would routinely have parsing issues on some of my files) but it is a good start and I think it could be a great tool for ColdFusion developers.

ColdFusion, isValid, Email and new TLDs

07-21-2014 3,193 views ColdFusion 14 Comments

A few days ago a user reported an issue with my blog involving the comment form. Apparently he has an email address using one of the new TLDs (top level domains) that are cropping up, specifically "directory." I decided to do some testing to see how well ColdFusion supports these new TLDs.

Soundings Update

07-16-2014 2,606 views ColdFusion 2 Comments

So hey, remember I built an open source ColdFusion survey application? This morning someone sent in a good request and I quickly added it. Surveys may now have an "attachment" question. Basically it means you can create a survey that also asks people to upload an attachment.

Issue with CFINDEX

07-11-2014 2,315 views ColdFusion 2 Comments

If you use cfindex to parse a directory of files, you should be aware of a serious issue that may hit you. As you know, you can ask cfindex to return a result structure that tells you how many files were added, removed, or deleted from an index. As an example, here is the result structure for a set of PDFs I added.

Unexpected behavior with Axis2 web services in ColdFusion

07-10-2014 2,931 views ColdFusion 27 Comments

Credit for this find goes to Steve Seaquist. He and I have been discussing this over email the last few days. Ok, quiz time, look at the following CFC:

Add "Search Export" to ColdFusion Builder 3

06-26-2014 2,954 views ColdFusion 9 Comments

Recently, a commenter on another blog mentioned that one of the things they missed from Dreamweaver is the ability to do a search and then export the results. I didn't even know DW had this and it does sound rather useful!

ColdFusion UI The Right Way - HTML version

06-19-2014 3,669 views ColdFusion 10 Comments

Back when Adam Cameron and I launched the ColdFusion UI - The Right Way project, I mentioned that initially we would accept submissions from the community to build out the content before releasing an actual readable version. Turns out I kind of forgot to get around to doing that. The content in the GitHub repo is in Markdown, which is pretty readable, but it isn't exactly in a nice form to hand out to a junior developer.

Building a Car Safety Inspection Finder (the good, ugly, and more ugly)

06-17-2014 2,665 views jQuery, JavaScript, ColdFusion 13 Comments

Earlier this week I came across a person looking to find a local (to Louisiana) car safety inspection location. I think most states require this but they differ on schedules. Louisiana recently moved to letting you pay more for a two-year sticker which is nice, but it is still a bit of a hassle if you don't know where an inspection location can be found. Turns out - there is a web page for it:

Issue with ColdFusion JavaSettings and ReloadOnChange

06-16-2014 2,497 views ColdFusion Comments

Just a quick note that one of Adobe's ColdFusion team members has discovered a bug with javaSettings. If you don't remember, javaSettings is a way to dynamically load JAR files for a ColdFusion application. This allows you to skip using the CF Admin to work with Java classes. The bug is simple. If you use reloadOnChange:true, which is something you would only do in development anyway, then ColdFusion may have an issue loading the files correctly. To get around this, simply set that value to false, and restart CF. Yes, that is a bit annoying if you are writing the Java classes, but if you are just using some you downloaded, then it is a one-time annoyance. You still get to keep your Java files within your application folder so that's good too. I've filed a bug report for this so feel free to vote/comment on it.