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Recording and demos from my ColdFusion 11 presentation

04-10-2014 1,830 views ColdFusion 2 Comments

Thanks to the Salt Lake City UG for allowing me to present to them last night. You can watch a recording of the presentation via the link below. I've also attached a zip of the demo files.

getSafeHTML and ColdFusion 11

04-09-2014 1,896 views ColdFusion 2 Comments

One of the cooler new features in the next version of ColdFusion is getSafeHTML. I had seen this mentioned a few times already but it never really clicked in my brain what it was doing. getSafeHTML makes use of the AntiSamy project. It takes user-generated content and replaces unsafe HTML. What is safe and what isn't? It is totally up to you. The functionality is driven by an XML file (a very complex XML file) that lets you get as granular as you want. Want to support the bold tag but not italics? Fine. Want to support colors for CSS but only some? You can do that. Let's look at a simple example - and one that happens to point out a little issue.

Upcoming ColdFusion E-Seminars

04-09-2014 1,471 views ColdFusion 2 Comments

Just a quick FYI to let you know about some upcoming ColdFusion e-seminars. These are online presentations open to the public.

This is not the function you are looking for

04-08-2014 1,631 views ColdFusion 7 Comments

Yesterday I was doing some editing on the CFML Reference wiki when I ran across a function that is - as far as I know - one of the most misused functions in ColdFusion. What function is that? listContains.

Interesting addition to ColdFusion 11 (and an example of it in ColdFusion 10)

04-07-2014 2,052 views ColdFusion Comments

While preparing for a presentation I'm doing on ColdFusion 11 on Wednesday night, I discovered an interesting update to the directoryList function. In ColdFusion 11 you can now pass a function for filtering as opposed to just a list of extensions. (And yes, a list is valid - I'll explain more in a bit.) The example function was a bit messy so I updated it to make it a bit nicer. Here is the example.

ColdFusion Example: Upload a zip of images for processing

03-28-2014 2,174 views ColdFusion 1 Comment

I keep a note of possible blog ideas and as I've been having a bit of writer's block lately, I thought I'd take a look and see what I could turn into a decent article. One of the older ideas I had was something that I thought would be a good example. Imagine you've built an image uploader for your site and have a bit of processing on the back end (scaling, gray scaling, etc). Now imagine you want to allow for bulk uploads of zip files to do the same thing. Here is a simple one page example of that in action.

Intergral folks are hiring!

03-25-2014 2,074 views ColdFusion Comments

I mentioned before that I was putting a stop to posting ColdFusion positions (or jobs in general) but I'm making an exception for Intergral. These are some great folks and they make some really good products. Definitely read this if you are looking for a position.

Attending cfObjective? Check out Into The Box

03-17-2014 2,029 views ColdFusion Comments

Just a quick note to suggest that folks attending this years cfObjective consider coming up a day early for Into the Box. This is a conference for all things Ortus - ok, maybe you don't recognize that name - but these are the folks behind the ColdBox family of products, which last time I checked had a solution for everything.


03-16-2014 2,460 views ColdFusion 6 Comments

Every now and then I can't find a good solution for a reader so I take to the "airways" and ask my good readers for help. This is one of those days. Rick emailed me a few days ago with an interesting issue.

CodeCanyon and ColdFusion

03-14-2014 2,130 views ColdFusion 2 Comments

A tip of the hat to reader David Imrie who (many weeks ago) let me know that CodeCanyon is willing to accept ColdFusion snippets. If you have no idea what CodeCanyon is (I didn't until David's email), it is a site that lets you buy/sell code snippets for various technologies.