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11-01-2014 1,902 views Adoption

As I've mentioned almost every year, November is "National Adoption Month." My wife and I have grown our family via adoption. It is an incredibly wonderful experience and one I'd recommend to anyone. It isn't easy, but, nothing about being a parent is, right? If you've ever considered adoption then this would be a great time to look deeper into the process. You can start at or check with your adoption agency. There are multiple different ways to adopt, or foster, and plenty of opportunities to help a child in need. My wife and I chose international adoption (South Korea and China), but you can adopt domestically as well of course. (And yes, people adopt American kids from outside the USA.)

Happy Thanksgiving - and what I'm thankful for...

11-28-2013 4,527 views Adoption
Hi everyone. First off - for those who celebrate it, I hope today is a wonderful Thanksgiving for you. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I was working on a "project" for the past few weeks and was not able to blog. Now I'm back home and able to share some good news.

November is National Adoption Month

11-10-2013 4,034 views Adoption

Every year I remind folks that November is National Adoption Month. My wife and I adopted all of our children from South Korea. It was a wonderful experience. If you've ever considered adoption as an option for growing your family, now is a perfect time to reach out and find out more. You can hit as a starting point or feel free to ask me anything.

I watched this video today and thought it was particularly touching. It gives you a good look at how kids view adoption.

November is National Adoption Month

11-16-2011 5,487 views Adoption

Once again I'm late to remind folks, but November is National Adoption Month, and the 19th is National Adoption Day. If you have every considered adoption, or even if you haven't, it's a great time to look into it. I assume most folks know this, but my own family was grown via adoption. My wife and I adopted three kids from South Korea over the past decade. It's a process that is... quite involved. But it's doable. And the rewards are beyond description. I typically recommend folks check out as a starting point. You can also contact local adoption agencies for a meeting to discuss possibilities. I'm open to questions too - either here on the blog or privately via my contact form.

November is National Adoption Month

11-21-2009 5,274 views Adoption

Every year I promise to blog this on the 1st, and every year it gets away from me. Personally, I think Time is an evil thief who must be killed at the earliest convenience, but maybe it's just me getting old. In case you weren't aware, November is national adoption month. You can read the presidential proclomation here if you are interested. I'll also pass along this nice list of highlights for the month (notice the CFM extension - and yes - it is a Model-Glue site).

Regular readers know that my wife and I chose adoption as the way to grow our family. We have three beautiful kids from South Korea. Adoption is a very special, very emotional, and very wonderful thing. If you have any questions I'd highly encourage you to ask - either myself or someone local to you.

I'll leave you with two small pieces of advice when it comes to talking to families who have adopted. First - don't ask about the "real" parents. I hate to be PC, but this is one thing that really ticks me off, as it does most adoptive parents. Obviously the person raising the child is the real parent. It's best to refer to the birth parents as the biological parents (or birth parents). Secondly - don't ask something you aren't willing to answer yourself. I've had folks ask how much I paid for my kids (yes, seriously, and to be clear, you pay for paperwork and handling, not children), ask if they are related, and ask if they knew they were adopted (gee, my kids aren't blind, and I'm a bit pale compared to them ;). Just keep it in mind. Questions about processes, wait times, how to manage costs, etc are fine.

Obviously I speak just for myself and not all adoptive parents.

South Korea closing out international adoption

08-11-2009 7,042 views Adoption

So this is about as off topic as you can get, but I had to share. My wife sent the following article to me that I thought others may want to read as well: Korea Slowly Closes to Adoption (I'm linking to the plain print format as it doesn't require a login.) I've mentioned adoption more than once here, but in case it isn't really well known, my kids are all adopted, and all adopted from South Korea. My family is - in my mind anyway - a South Korean/American family. A mix. I love that. I love that my kids don't look the same as my wife and I. I love that we are unique. But now I kind of feel like our type of family is coming to an end. Rationally, I can look at these changes as Koreans taking care of their own, which is good I suppose, but it feels like my entire type of family is coming to an end.

I don't know how others feel about this - native Koreans, adoptees, etc. But I'm truly saddened by this, and feel pretty blessed that I was able to help create the family I have now. I hope South Korea can place all those children waiting for families.

I don't expect much comment on this - just wanted to share and hopefully give folks something to think about. I promise an on topic post next.

Happy November, Happy National Adoption Month

11-01-2007 6,808 views Adoption

November is national adoption month, which also includes the National Adoption Day on the 17th. My wife and I adopted three beautiful kids from South Korea and consider it to be the best decisions in our life. If you have ever considered adoption then this is a perfect time to start looking into it more. It is a long, and sometimes very difficult process, but hey, so is life too. Check out's list of ideas on how to celebrate the month.

And hey - you get your fingerprints sent to INTERPOL - how cool is that???

Helping orphans in Iraq

07-10-2007 7,722 views Adoption

I watched a pretty disturbing report last night on the state of orphans in Iraq. More information on the story may be found here:

The Orphan He Couldn't Leave Behind

The story details an American soldier who adopted an orphan from Iraq and is trying to help others. The state of the orphans there is incredibly bad. When my wife and I were adopting, one of the reasons we skipped over Russia was due to the state of the orphanages. What I saw on the news last night made Russia look like paradise. I would highly encourage folks to consider helping out as well. CBS has two links here:

How To Help The Baghdad Orphans

One link is just to hook you up with an agency trying to help the orphans while another link is specifically related to adoption.

November is National Adoption Month

11-01-2005 8,185 views Adoption

Normally I'd post this over at my adoption blog, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew that November is National Adoption Month. The National Adoption Day is November 19th, and more information may be found here:

New Blog: The Adoption News

08-24-2005 7,399 views Adoption

As readers of this blog know, I've adopted three beautiful, wonderful, and of course perfect (ahem) children from South Korea. The adoption process is a wonderful, and trying process. I try to keep up to date on the latest adoption news even though our adoptions are complete (for now).

I haven't found a good resource to aggregate various adoption-related news items out there, so I figured, why not make my own. Check it out here at The Adoption News.

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