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ColdFusion Example: Using jQuery UI Accordion with a ColdFusion query

11-12-2014 2,055 views jQuery, JavaScript, ColdFusion 3 Comments

A reader pinged me yesterday with a simple problem that I thought would be good to share on the blog. He had a query of events that he wanted to use with jQuery UI's Accordion control. The Accordion control simply takes content and splits into various "panes" with one visible at a time. For his data, he wanted to split his content into panes designated by a unique month and year. Here is a quick demo of that in action.

Good post on Cordova, PhoneGap, and versioning

11-10-2014 3,961 views Mobile Comments

This is from last week but it is still pretty important. Holly Schinsky wrote an excellent article about versioning and Cordova/PhoneGap. Things have gotten slightly more complex in this area and I strongly recommend reading her blog post. She really clears things up.

Cordova/PhoneGap Version Confusion

Random code I'm sharing for no good reason

11-09-2014 2,008 views JavaScript 6 Comments

Ok, the title should be your warning. I'm only posting this because it is Sunday night and I'm bored. I'm working on a demo for my jQuery video (did I mention I'm working on a jQuery video?) that mimics a typical car dealership inventory search. As we just upgraded our car I'm pretty familiar with these. The demo will focus on building the UI to create a search engine that can filter cars by model, trim, color, price, and features. In order to actually have something to search against, I wrote a script that creates an inventory of cars. Here is that script. Enjoy.

Cordova and Asset Downloads

11-07-2014 3,980 views Mobile, JavaScript 14 Comments

A few weeks ago (before I thought it would be a good idea to fly to China for a few weeks and dramatically increase the size of my family), I blogged about how a Cordova application could handle downloading binary assets after release. (You can find the discussion here: Cordova and Large Asset Downloads - An Abstract.) I finally got around to completing the demo.

List auto-dividers in Ionic

11-06-2014 2,516 views Mobile, JavaScript, HTML5 3 Comments

This question came up on StackOverflow recently and I took a stab at answering it. The user had a list of data that included dates. They were looking to see if there was an easy way to add dividers to the list automatically. jQuery Mobile actually supports this out of the box - and supports it well. By default it will use the first letter of your list data as a separator (so "Andy" and "Al" will be prefixed with an "A" divider) but you can also use a function to specify your own logic.

Cordova Example: Writing to a file

11-05-2014 2,902 views Mobile, JavaScript 3 Comments

As you know, lately I've been publishing simple Cordova examples that involve the file system. I'm working on a demo that involves background asset downloads (see the blog entry) but I thought I'd take a break from that and write up something super simple, but hopefully helpful, that demonstrates file writing.

Syncing Brackets extensions across multiple machines

11-04-2014 1,758 views Development Comments

This really isn't a new tip, but as someone just asked on Twitter for a quick explanation, I thought I'd write it up. If you want to sync Brackets extensions across multiple machines, the easiest way to do it is with Dropbox, or a Dropbox-like service. As long as it creates a physical folder on your machine, you can simply store your extensions there (for me it is /Users/ray/Dropbox/BracketsExtensions) and then create a symlink between that folder and the folder Brackets uses for extensions. What folder is that?

Using PhoneGap Build? Check out the new support forum

11-03-2014 2,923 views Mobile 5 Comments

Edit: I'm sorry folks - it looks like this forum is not released yet. I'll edit the post when it is.

The title pretty much says it all. :) If you use PhoneGap Build, there is a new support site located here:

And because I feel weird posting a blog entry that is so short, here is a random image from


11-01-2014 1,894 views Adoption 13 Comments

As I've mentioned almost every year, November is "National Adoption Month." My wife and I have grown our family via adoption. It is an incredibly wonderful experience and one I'd recommend to anyone. It isn't easy, but, nothing about being a parent is, right? If you've ever considered adoption then this would be a great time to look deeper into the process. You can start at or check with your adoption agency. There are multiple different ways to adopt, or foster, and plenty of opportunities to help a child in need. My wife and I chose international adoption (South Korea and China), but you can adopt domestically as well of course. (And yes, people adopt American kids from outside the USA.)

My Modern Web Conference presentation is now available online

10-29-2014 2,595 views Development, JavaScript, HTML5 Comments

As the title says, my presentation from the Modern Web Conference is now available to watch online. I've embedded it below. You can find the complete list of videos here.