Update to my JavaScript Behance API

After “speaking” with a reader yesterday about my Behance JavaScript API, I’ve decided to go ahead and promote it to a proper GitHub repository. You can now find the code here: https://github.com/cfjedimaster/BehanceAPI.

I also updated the API to support getProject. There are still a lot of things missing. I’m basically adding functions as people ask for them, but with the number of demos I’ve built with it I thought it was time to move it over to GitHub. Enjoy.

  • Christian McComas

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  • Patrick Gotch

    I also modified the API to back up getProject. There are still a lot of factors losing. I’m generally including features as individuals ask for them, but with the variety of routines I’ve designed with it I believed it was a chance to shift it over to GitHub. Appreciate.

    alle zwei tage diät


    Hi Raymond thanks for your work!
    How do you limit the number of projects to load?
    On the previous version it was a handcoded line in one of the arrays but I can’t work it out in this version. Thanks man

    • http://www.raymondcamdencom/ Raymond Camden

      It looks like it isn’t supported in either of the getProjects methods. It would be easy to add I think. You can file an issue, but I really don’t work w/ Behance anymore now that I’m no longer at Adobe.

      • FUTURED∆VE

        cool man thanks for the reply