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ColdFusion Job Opening - Uhlig

03-07-2013 2,904 views ColdFusion Comments

As always - just passing this on. Hope it helps someone find a job!

Our company has been a long time customer of ColdFusion and we are currently having quite a time locating good developers for our growing teams. I was hoping you would be willing to put our job posting on your blog.

Full-time, on-site ColdBox and ColdFusion (traditional) developer positions available at Uhlig LLC, located in Overland Park, KS. Uhlig LLC is a fast-growing, advanced-technology publishing company specializing in content-rich documents and periodicals that are delivered in web, print and electronic forms. We provide a culture that fosters business and professional growth. We work in a modern, high-technology office environment and offer generous opportunities for continuing work-related education and career advancement. EOE All applicants wishing to apply please send resume, code samples, compensation requirements and cover letter to


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